Luggage Wise : Tips on your Survival Kit (ENG)

The Short and Sweet 8 steps most ridiculous Survival Guide
to a lady travelling to China
with love from MingMing
-And guys, you should read it anyway.
…Thank God you can buy them anywhere.
Make sure that you always carry a small Kleenex pack
(or any equivalent stuff made to “wipe a nose”).
….Because public toilets around here are a legend.
There’s no paper except at the airport, in hotels, and in good restaurants…
The best countryside shot can be in a place made of wood and concrete……
no paper, no seat (standard situation, but then…),
no lights, no door/cabin/intimacy
(like in “collective activity”, oh yes my Darlin’.)
I come from a 3M people place, Shanghai is about 20M people,
and we don’t know where they put their hands.
So even with lots of antibodies and without being a sissy,
you want to carry some antibacterial gel in your bag/purse.
After telling you about the magnificent washrooms,
i should add that soap next to the sink is not always awaiting your hands.
A subway ride on rush hours will also convince you to use this little killer.
Buy your deodorant/antiperspirant stick in your homeland,
cause here, if u finally find some, they definitely suck.
Buy you tampons in your hometown too,
it’s hard (impossible?!) to find them around here.
The sanitary napkins you can find are not always the best ones
but this is not as much dramatic as the “ tampon situation”.
If you’re here for a short time, just buy your “full package” at home.
(PS-Local panty liners are okay.)
I don’t really trust the Chinese ones,
as many western guys i know got lots of comments on this scary unstable fit…
So hum… have fun with whoever you want
as long as you don’t have to wonder “what will come out of this”.
Sunglasses, eye drops, etc.
They say it’s worse in Beijing, cause it’s a dry and windy big city
(compared for example with Shanghai that is next to the sea)…
I’m sure you’ll bring your sunglasses,
and these will be a good start to protect yourself from street dust.
I wasn’t lucky the second time i was here,
my eyes were tired after the end of my school rush, i had 3 conjunctivitis.
(The last one was because of the preservatives in my medicine.)
So, just in case, buy some eye drops (anti-allergic or regular,
i know that Visine created some without preservatives if you care).
I was the worse one (hurray. yippee.), but not the only one,
eyes infections are quite common when you’re not used to this air quality:
nobody dies (except for the slowly part), and the rats are surviving very easily ;P.
…So bring what u need according to this info,
if you suffer asthma, allergies, or whatever,
especially if you plan to spend a few months in a big city.
(you know, like for baby bottom)
Well, supposedly it never happened before in Ya’an before i went there,
but we lacked water two times, about one day each.
And it happened in Shanghai too
because of some construction stuff going on in my area.
When it’s 38°C outside at 9:00am on July 5th,
you’ll appreciate the fantastic wet wipes
and feel like a glamour princess if you dare (waaasteeeer! :P)
to rinse yourself with a glass of your drinking water bin.
The belly dance
You had such a good idea to bring (just in case) some Imodium,
or even better, some “Activated Carbon”
—> “Medical applications” is the most important part to read.
…Because “traveller’s sickness” around here
is not only about meeting a very seductive “turistas”.
It’s also about pesticides and chemicals
like MSG (monosodium glutamate): lots of this one in you meal
can cause headaches, diarrhea or even cardiac palpitations.
The Embassy of your country = Protection
Register online at the Canadian Embassy BEFORE leaving,
so you’ll be protected if you loose your passport or if any problem occurs :
You can find other useful info on the same website :
The Canada Embassy/ Consulates in China :
Find the address and phone number of the closest consulate
so you’ll know how to contact them if needed:
The Form
Ok, so you’ve got your passport, your plane ticket and your Chinese visa?
Good, now look at the back of the arrival card once you landed:
if you’re not staying at the hotel / youth hostel,
you have 24 hours to ask the owner of your apartment to fill up a form
so you’ll be registered as a foreigner at the closest police station in you area.
You’ll need this document to renew your visa (at the “Public Security Bureau”).
Keep it in your room’s safe [box] with your passport.
Just make a photocopy of your passport,
you’ll be okay if you have to show some i.d.
Enjoy your trip and gimme some news if you pass by Shanghai!
MingMing xxx

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